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  What is Internet

Internet bandwidth or
  transit in simple terms, is
  the transmission speed or
  throughput of your
  connection to the Internet. 
Read more

  Guidelines on choosing
  a Service Provider
  If your company is
  planning to purchase
  wholesale bandwidth, we
  have compiled a few
  guidelines to help you
  choose a Service
  Provider.  Read more

  What is a Dedicated

A dedicated server is a
  type of Internet hosting
  when a business or client
  leases an entire
  server not shared
  with anyone.  Read more

  How much Internet
  Bandwidth do I need?

  Since bandwidth is a
  significant factor of hosting
  plan prices, you should
  take the time to figure how
  much you need.  Read


  What is Oc-48?
OC-48 is a type of Internet
  connection.  It stands for
  Optical Carrier Level 48,
  which equates to 2.488
  Gbps of transfer.  Read

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The Dedicated Server Setup Source

The Setup of a Dedicated Server

The Dedicated Server Setup is usually simple and it may take up to 24 hours before your dedicated server is ready for you to log in. Once you see the server option appear in your account the Dedicated Server Host or Provider will walk you thru how to set up your account with user name, and passwords. Once you have finalized the setup procedures, in most cases the server is ready to be used in 12 hours or less.

If you are setting up a Non-Managed Root Dedicated Service The host will usually set the initial operating system and some basic software, but after that you are on your own.  



The Dedicated Server Setup should included all your hardware and software to operated your business and each setup will be different depending on your operating systems, the two main one being Windows or Linux Dedicated Server. Once your server is set up and if you have any problems the web host provider technical staff should be able to address and fix the problems.

When shopping for your Dedicated Server one of the most important aspect is to choose a good Dedicated Server Host that provides you with 24/7/365 support. Their technical staff should be knowledge, not only to help with your Dedicated Server Setup but also in the operating of your server. Before deciding on your provider, talk to some of their customers, and find out their views on the provider technical support.

When you are doing your Dedicated Server Setup there are many different ways. But before the setup begins make sure you analyze what you want to achieve with your dedicated server. If you do not have the time or knowledge to do your Dedicated Server Setup there are companies out there that provide that service for a fee.


Popular Dedicated Servers

Web Hosting Dedicated Server - This is a dedicated server that is specifically setup for hosting web sites.  They usually run on windows or Linux and run hosting software to make adding web sites an easy process.  Click to read more about Web Hosting Dedicated Servers.

Linux Dedicated Server - This is a dedicated server that uses the Linux operating system.  This operating system is the most popular for Internet servers due to the fact that they are more stable and less likely to crash.  Click here to read more about Linux Dedicated Servers.

Windows Dedicated Server - Due to the fact that Microsoft is one of the most used operating systems in PCs they have a large following and there are many software companies who design software for Windows Dedicated Servers too.  Click Here to read more about Windows Dedicated Servers.

Managed Dedicated Server - A managed dedicated server is an Internet server that is managed by the company providing the service.  This usually includes OS upgrades and security patches, etc.  This kind of server usually does not include root access that may be needed to run certain types of software.  Click here to read more about Managed Dedicated Servers.

Dedicated Web Server - This is a dedicated server that is used for the web and preconfigured for the web but, not necessarily a web hosting dedicated server.  Thus this might not be just for web sites but also for other web services such as data backup, offsite storage or even possibly an email server.  Click here to read more about Dedicated Web Servers.

Dedicated Game Server - This a dedicated server that is setup and used for game hosting.  A dedicated game server would be used for online multiplayer gaming such as Halo, or Counterstryke, and thousands others.  These are often known as MMORPGs.  Click here to read more about Dedicated Game Servers

Cheap Dedicated Servers - There are lots of sources for the Dedicated Server Services that can be from high cost to downright cheap.  We always suggest finding a low cost solution that is very reliable.  Read more about Cheap Dedicated Servers.

Free Dedicated Servers - There are a few sources for Free Dedicated Serves.  These are usually advertising supported dedicated servers that would have advertising on each web page of the web sites hosted on these dedicated servers.  The advertisers then pay the cost for the services.  Read more about Free Dedicated Servers.

Virtual Dedicated Server - These are actually shared servers but the hard drive space and CPU resources, etc. have a percentage dedicated to each used.  Thus it is a separated part of the computers resources so you get a virtual dedicated server.  Read more about Virtual Dedicated Servers and the options available.

Non-Managed Root Dedicated Servers - These are servers that are a service for just the hardware and the OS and security upgrades are up to the user.  This allows the customer to have full root access which is necessary to change and run many types of software for a variety of functions.  Read more about Non-Managed Root Dedicated Servers.

Dedicated Server Host - These colocation and hosting companies specialize in serving as a host for dedicated servers.  These companies usually have all the specialties needed to take good care of your dedicated servers.  Read more about options of companies to serve as your Dedicated Server Host

Dedicated Email Server - Servers built with all the options you will need to use these servers for all your companies email needs.  Read more about the Dedicated Email Servers.

Free Dedicated Server - There are a few options to get a free dedicated server.  Most of these companies offer this service free as long as you have their advertisements on all the web hosting pages.  Read more about the options to get a Free Dedicated Sever Service.

Dedicated Server Help - When you need help building or setting up your solution.  There are all the free choices on the Internet for answering your questions.  There are also companies you can hire to help you with yours.  Read more about Dedicated Server Help.

Dedicated Server Setup - There are many different ways to setup your servers.  You should first analyze what it is you want to achieve before choosing how you will do your setup.  Read more about Dedicated Server Setup.

Dedicated Server Rental - Here are all the top companies from which you can rent your dedicated server.  Read more about Dedicated Server Rental.

FreeBSD Dedicated Server - This is another freeware OS.  FreeBSD is another great option to choose from in selecting what Operating System you want to run on your server.  Read more about FreeBSD Dedicated Server choices.

Unix Dedicated Server - One of the oldest original choices for dedicated server Operating Systems, Unix comes in many flavors ranging from Sun Solaris to SGI's Unix OS.  Read more about the Unix Dedicated Server Options.

Unmetered Dedicated Server - An unmetered solution is a great choice if you may have a lot of need for Internet bandwidth.  These unmetered choices may include unlimited Internet bandwidth or unlimited number of hosting accounts on the Unmetered Dedicated Server.

Plesk Dedicated Server - This web hosting software, Plesk, makes it easy to setup a dedicated server for web hosting.  Read about the popular choice of the Plesk Dedicated Server.

Dedicated Server Review - Read a variety of reviews of technologies and companies to see what is best for your needs.  Check out all the options before you select the solution that you will put all your precious time into.  Read the Dedicated Server Review.

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Dedicated Server Setup







Dedicated Server Set Up is usually simple.









Once you have finalized the Dedicated Server Setup procedures, most server are ready for use in less then 12 hours.




Bandwidth features

Bandwidth  Provider Facility/ Network Top Features

A Worldwide Tier 1 Redundant OC192 Backbone with additional 10 GigE Network. 

Internet Backbones Available.

Redundant UPS and Prime Source type of generator backed up.

24/7/365 Security and Technical Support within the Colocation Data Center.

      Questions you should ask before purchasing bandwidth.

Do they charge an extra monthly fee for cross connects and IP addresses?

Is the Internet Backbone or Data Center Provider financially profitable and stable?

Does the Provider have brand name customers?

High Tech Office Space at Colocation Facilities

Does the Provider have multiple  locations?


  Education Plans
Free 1,000Mbps Internet Bandwidth for Qualified Education Networks.  Special Program from Worldwide Tier 1 Network.
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  Internet Bandwidth
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Hurricane - Fremont, CA Internet Bandwidth

PAIX - Palo Alto, CA Internet Bandwidth

Equinix - San Jose, CA Internet Bandwidth

Market Post Tower Internet Bandwidth - San Jose CA

Equinix - Los Angeles, CA Internet Bandwidth

One Wilshire Internet Bandwidth - Los Angeles, CA

The Seattle Westin Building Facility Internet Bandwidth - Seattle, WA

NAP of the Americas Miami Internet Bandwidth - Miami, FL

Equinix - Chicago, IL Internet Bandwidth

Equinix - Dallas, TX Internet Bandwidth

Equinix - Ashburn, VA Internet Bandwidth

PAIX - New York, NY Internet Bandwidth

LEVEL 3 - New York, NY Internet Bandwidth

Telehouse - New York, NY Internet Bandwidth

Telex - New York City, NY Internet Bandwidth

165 Halsey - Newark, New Jersey Internet Bandwidth

56 Marietta Data Center - Marietta, GA Internet Bandwidth

Telehouse - London UK Internet Bandwidth

Amsterdam NL AMSIX at NIKHEF Internet Bandwidth Amsterdam

InterXion Hanauer Landstr - Frankfurt, Germany Internet Bandwidth

Telehouse Paris-Voltaire - Paris, France Internet Bandwidth

SITEL Telehouse -  Internet Bandwidth Pragie, Czech Republic

151 Front Street Data Center, Toronto, ON -Canada Internet Bandwidth

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What is a Colocation Center?
A colocation center is an
environmentally-controlled, secure facility that businesses use to store company data in an off-site location.  Read more

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